Spire Investment Partners

Financial Planning Process

Accomplishing financial goals is the result of clearly defining what you want, when you want it and developing a realistic, thorough plan

We help you do this with a disciplined 4-step process:

  • Goal Definition and Information Gathering
    In step 1, we discuss what you would like to do in the future and when. It is here that we turn vague wishes into crystal clear goals.

Next we gather information about you including your current financial picture, your attitude toward risk, your projected income and expenses, and your investment philosophy.

  • Plan Development
    In step 2, our financial professionals analyze your information and create a plan that contains the following:

A discussion of the major risks that could derail your plan such as death, disability, business and personal liability etc. and the precautions you have taken or should take against them.

A review of your estate plan including recommendations regarding wealth preservation and transfer, tax minimization, and incapacity planning. The services of an estate-planning attorney are often used here.

An investment strategy to accumulate the resources necessary to implement your goals. Three distinct layers of expertise contribute to the development of your investment recommendations:

– Money Management Firms
– Spire Investment Partners
– Investment Management Consultants

  • Plan Presentation and Implementation
    We now meet and discuss the plan in detail and fine-tune it to your satisfaction. Upon your approval, we do the paperwork and procedures necessary to implement the plan.
  • Monitoring
    Once your plan is implemented, we meet with you regularly to discuss any changes in your situation or goals and to review the progress of your plan. We review the insurance market and your coverage to see if enhancements can be made and we frequently check the performance of your investment managers to see if asset allocation adjustments or manager changes are necessary.