Spire Investment Partners

Points Of Distinction

If you’re like most people, you know how hard it is to achieve your financial and life objectives. Maybe you ask yourself, “What happens if I die or am disabled? Can I afford to educate my children? Am I going to be able to retire comfortably and do the things I’ve always dreamed of? Now that I’m retired, will my money last? Can I trust the person that’s advising me?” Our clients hire us for answers and solutions.

  • We are strategists for our clients. We address each one of their questions and help them develop a plan that delivers excellent answers.
  • We are highly trained and experienced in financial planning. Tom Walsh is a CPA and a CFP® and has more than 19 years experience in the profession.
  • We enlist professionals from other fields such as legal, insurance, and accounting to create a team of advisors that can provide high quality input to the planning process.
  • We have made a commitment to excellence in everything we do. At all times, we work to meet-then exceed-our clients’ expectations.