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By Jamie S. Siegal, CDFA®

In September, I joined Spire to provide divorce financial solutions and strategies to existing and future Spire clients and anyone needing the services across the US. I have a CPA background, have run small businesses and have advised and taught small to medium sized businesses how to perform business planning and succeed in the areas of sales, production and administration.
I can help your business by acting as a financial neutral in a situation that you would otherwise not be able to service the client after divorce, A neutral is normally used in the mediation or collaborative divorce process and if a current clients need the service, it allows you to step back from the divorce process, which can lead to keeping both clients after the divorce. For prospective clients, you are eligible to work with them after the divorce because you were not used as a financial neutral during the divorce. This normally occurs with family law attorney referrals.
My fees are billed at an hourly rate with the first ½ hour complimentary to the client(s). All referrals given to me are referred back to the referring advisor.
Key areas of emphasis during client engagements include, but are not limited to:
• Establishing current budget requirements and setting priorities for post-divorce budget practices and needs
• Determining support (alimony) requirements and tax implications for retaining or selling various client assets
• Reviewing certain foundational documents such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank and investment statements, business records, credit card statements, credit reports, etc. to create projections for marital settlement agreements (MSA)
• Reviewing the MSA to make sure the client’s understanding of the financial settlement is reflected in the document
• Working with the client’s attorney to assist with the financial aspects of the settlement

Phone:  703-748-5821.