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Our People

An Expert Team Supporting Your Business

Senior Leadership

David Blisk
Founder & CEO
Bob Lord
Sue McKeown
Chief Compliance Officer
Josh Bright, CPA
VP, Director of Finance
LauraMarie Ross
Sr. Vice President
Allen Eickelberg, CFP®
VP, Director of Operations
Scott H. Fewin
Sr. Vice President of Business Development

My Perspective on Spire Investment Partners and Wealth Manager Affiliates:

Every day I ask myself and my entire firm, “What can we do for our advisors today?” Spire Investment Partners’ culture and the reason for existing is to be there for financial professionals! We’re in their corner. The goal as I see it is to balance our now 22 years of hybrid platform experience to support an entirely open architecture platform while simultaneously keeping them and their client protected.

It might be surprising, in this era where the majority of RIAs are corporately owned, for you to learn that I’ve walked in your shoes. I was a successful wealth manager – top 1% of the industry, after a legal career in the Air Force. I know what it means, and more importantly what it feels like to win and lose million-dollar engagements. I never wanted to live in a “box,” and neither should you. That is why Spire is an independent, boutique, and flexible resource for you. You envision the puzzle pieces of your practice, and we’ll work with you to build that perfect vision you have for you and your clients.

The future is and will remain independent. Leading Spire, I will continue to invest in our effectiveness and efficiency to continually grow our advisor-centric platform whether it be in human capital, technology or products. My mission is to create a more prominent future which makes it exciting for each of us to get up and go to work every day.

Wouldn’t it be great to associate with a firm that takes steps every day to ensure you have a platform that’s relevant and compliant that serves you as the financial champion of your clients. If this level of passion resonates with you, we’re always here for an open and candid conversation.

This is my commitment to all my current advisors those yet to join us in our movement over the coming years.

David Blisk