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Freedom & Confidence


We understand that every advisor and wealth manager has a unique DNA, but a common goal—to serve their clients with integrity and clarity of purpose. Our distinct model, comprised of registered investment advisor and broker-dealer services with custodial access, lets entrepreneurial wealth managers choose the construct that best suits their approach to client service.


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Our robust platform allows you to customize your growth the way you want it. We believe that well-supported, driven financial advisors are the future partners of Spire—and the future is bright.

So... What's On Our Shelf?



Over the years, Spire has developed strategic relationships with six custodians, four RIA platforms including Charles Schwab®, Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions®, Pershing Advisor Solutions a BNY Mellon Company® and TD Ameritrade Institutional and two broker-dealer platforms including National Financial Services, Fidelity’s clearing firm, and Pershing Direct Broker Solutions a BNY Mellon Company.

Having these options allow you as the advisor to prospect without limits and streamline the paperwork associated with purchasing books.


Performance Reporting Tools

Spire’s primary performance reporting tool is Envestnet®, and we do have a relationship with Addepar®. Our approach to performance reporting and data aggregation is to provide customizable reporting cost-effectively. This is your independent financial practice. So, if you want to provide additional performance benefits for your clients, Spire is agnostic to that choice.


Spire Cloud & Data Security

Spire has engaged with Workplace by OS33® to provide a secure, easily accessible and streamlined approach to your applications and client data. Your client’s data is our number one priority and shield applications, data, and devices against human and automated security threats with built-in features like multi-factor authentication and enterprise-grade security appliances.


Investment Management

There are a variety of investment management solutions here at Spire that allow you to implement the best solution for your clients. If you are an advisor as a portfolio manager (AaPM), each of our custodians has their own modeling and rebalancing tool, or you can utilize Envestnet’s model construction and management tools. Should your investment approach include the use of third-party managers, each custodian again has their own platform to hire a variety of separate account managers. Then, in addition to performance reporting, Envestnet also acts as Spire’s turnkey asset management platform (TAMP), that gives you access to tens of thousands of separately managed account (SMA) portfolios, fund strategist portfolios and more. As a TAMP, Envestnet also provides due diligence, research tools, and proposal systems to enhance this offering to your clients. Finally, one of Spire’s internal strategic partners, Corbett Road©, can provide our advisors access to their full suite of strategies, either tactical or targeted, consistent with the best interest of your client’s needs. As you can see, our open architecture approach provides you with multiple investment management offerings.


Alternative Investments

Have your clients asked you about alternative investment options for their portfolios? For years, Spire has provided the support and structure to accommodate these offerings. The support includes a defined due diligence process and committee, institutional relationships with TAMPs including CAIS, and an already-approved list of alternative investments that can be used by all Spire advisors. Spire’s unique approach puts the selection of the next alternative investment in the hands of the advisor and is not predetermined by Spire itself.



As part of our service offering, Spire’s industry and institutional knowledge provide us with the ability to business consult with you in the areas of practice growth, succession planning strategies and a variety of practice valuation approaches. Given the number of independent advisor teams at Spire as well as a national footprint, Spire has the ability to keep succession strategies in-house, thus creating win-win arrangements for all parties involved in the succession transaction. Our executive team is very accessible and well-versed in these subjects and can utilize its extensive network when additional expertise is needed.


CRM Tools

In our highly regulated industry, it is Spire’s opinion that a CRM tool is critical to the success of your practice. Spire’s preferred vendor is RedTail, but our open architecture allows for other options most suitable to your needs. Spire will work with you on the integration of your CRM with the rest of your technology suite.


Fixed Insurance

Spire was founded for financial professionals who provide a holistic approach to investment management and financial planning. It is not uncommon for our advisors to offer risk management options thru fixed insurance solutions to their clients. With this in mind, we have a preferred partner relationship for fixed insurance that we will introduce to our advisors when you need it.


Fixed Income

Fulcrum Point Financial is Spire’s in-house full-service fixed income support. By providing education, institutional pricing and access to our trading expertise and a network of partners, they become a meaningful partner to Spire advisors looking for fixed income solutions for their clients. Fulcrum Point® offers our advisors custom bond portfolios, serviced bond solutions and portfolio monitoring.

Our Business Models

With Spire by your side, you can choose the business model that makes the most sense for how you want to work. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, and we’ll continue to provide outstanding personalized support no matter which model fits your situation best.

We’re glad you’re here, and we’re happy to welcome you to the Spire family.