Blisk Briefs


Blisk Briefs Episode 2: Tucking In

Our CEO discusses the Tuck-in/Shared ADV model

In episode 2 our CEO and Founder, David Blisk, discusses some of the realities that Financial Advisors face when they go independent, and how tucking in with an established RIA can be the answer for some."Tucking in" is the middle ground between a wirehouse and the independence of owning your own RIA firm. With the tuck-in model, you have pre-established infrastructure available and don't have to worry about the operational considerations that an independent business owner would. By choosing the tuck-in path, you will likely have access to the existing firm's technology and compliance program. In essence, the tuck-in model is more of a "plug and play" approach.  It allows advisors to retain some of the institutional structure that is a benefit of a wirehouse while gaining some of the freedoms that come with being in the independent space.

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